Wheatgrass Green Juice

I like green juice. I do not, however, like wheatgrass juice. I get shots of it when I'm out, but it's always been something I have to force myself to get down. Yesterday I went to Cafe Bliss, which is one of my top 5 restaurants in Victoria, and the only place where I'd have been able to eat everything during my 100% raw vegan phase. Anyway, I hate wheatgrass, but it's super nutritious. CONUNDRUM. Yesterday I ordered The Alkalizer (apple, celery, parlsey, lemon, 1 oz. wheatgrass) and it was decidedly palatable. So today I added wheatgrass to my green juice and again, it was good. Here is how I made the electric-green juice you are witnessing.

Wheatgrass Green Juice
makes 16 oz.

-150 g. dark leafy greens
-50 g. wheatgrass
-1 large English cucumber

...and that's it. Get ready to ~alkalize~.

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