November Fruit Salad

In this there is grapefruit, both red and yellow raspberries, persimmon, pomegranate, and young coconut.


Apple Crumble Pie

I am seriously getting into the art of crust making. This has got to be the most beautiful crust I have ever made. Honeycrisp apples.

Just look how nicely that crust came out.


Pumpkin Pie

This was actually made with acorn squash. I have clearly lapsed into a crust making binge.

I've made my own pumpkin pie spice, since I couldn't find an organic one and really, who wants to buy those little bottles of spices when you can get those econ-o bags? You can tell someone is a good cook when they really glob it on with spices. I'm kidding of course.

Pumpkin Pie Spice
It's a 4:2:1:1:1 ratio with cinnamon:ginger:nutmeg:all-spice. You can add some cardamon too if you're being fancy and vanilla never goes amiss.

Next I'm going to try making my own herbal chai mix.


Mile High Apple Pie

This weighed 6+ lbs. You don't want to know how much time was spent peeling and slicing apples. You really don't. I subbed some of the sugar in this recipe with golden raisins. I am so glad I cooked the apples prior to baking it. It was another three-apple-pie: two types from my backyard and honeycrisp.

When you're making a double crust pie, cook the ingredients first. The apples will lose so much water as they are cooked that there will be a gap between the top of the fruit and the bottom of the upper crust. This will make it easier for you to cut and still have it look nice.



I made the crust! My first attempt at a savory pie.

Halloween Caramel Apple Pie

I've made three of these pies in the last 48 hours, two at a party. There were three types of apples: two from the backyard and honeycrisp. Honeycrisps are the greatest apple type of all time. FACT.