Bacon N' Pancakes

This is the first time I have ever been witness to bacon cooking in my kitchen, so I had to document it. For reference, I did not eat this bacon. Here it is gently soaking grease into the Times Colonist.

I cooked blueberry-raspberry pancakes using fresh berries.

Next-day Father's Day pancakes. You can see how I poured the batter in a spiral.


Grayquill said...

As I sit waiting for my wife to get ready so we can go eat your picures are making me a little to hungry.
Your site reminded me of a time when I was telling a lady about a get dish i cooked. She informed me half way through I was not cooking I was doing meal preperation. Her reasoning was anything that comes out of can is meal preperatiion.
What do you think?

nanezinha costa said...

uau... Crazy kisses.

meghan's foodography said...

Thanks, Grayquill! Hope you get to eat soon.

I have seen some pretty original dishes made using canned food. *I'd* consider it cooking as long as you put your own flair into it and it's not just: open can, eat.